At Cascadia Cares we are inspired to help connect resources and needs in the Pacific Northwest.

Based in Lewis County Washington, Cascadia Cares is a 501(c)(3) federally-recognized charity.
We assist all who identify as having need without any set requirements.
We offer no religious dogma.

We have a passion for Food Sovereignty and sharing the abundance of Earth’s pantry.

Through free educational plant-walks we teach participants how to locate and ethically harvest wild edible and medicinal plants. We started a garden club at a local nursing home last summer which gave elders the opportunity to once again feel a valued part of the community through volunteerism. They grew plants from seeds and gave the starts to local families-in-need for their home gardens.

This summer we are spearheading a project to inspire neighbors to share their garden surplus with others. By providing starts and designated drop-off locations we intend to make fresh produce available to those who might not normally have access. Many low income families don’t qualify for food stamps, yet find themselves struggling to feed their families. This problem can be easily remedied, and we intend to fix it.

Cascadia Cares asserts that dignity is a basic need and we seek to contribute to those things which elicit feelings of self-pride in others.

We are currently organizing a voucher system with County Fresh Laundry on Pearl Street in Centralia. We are exploring shower opportunities as well. We wish to provide these life affirming dignities to the homeless we serve on during our coffee outreach on Sunday mornings. We meet weekly to provide the comfort of hot beverages, blankets, food and other basic survival needs to homeless people in downtown Centralia.

Cascadia Cares is staffed entirely by volunteers whose only allegiance is to the greater good.

We seek to include all in our community. There are opportunities for everybody to give, and to receive- regardless of class, ethnicity, spiritual practice, physical ability, sexuality, gender, or age.

Whether it is teaching a Girl Scout to make “heat in a can”, or helping an elder in a nursing home plant a seed, we are honored to help others find ways to give back. It is with our highest gratitude that we serve and connect to others by the joy of giving.